Welcome to the Bloodwise Online Community!

The Bloodwise Online Community is here to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment where users can share experiences and offer support.

We ask users to be sensitive and supportive of each other at all times and to follow the following Terms of Use when posting messages to the community.

  1. Ensure this is the right place for you. The Bloodwise Online Community is intended for anyone affected by blood cancer. The Community is not intended for industry representatives or advertisers and these individuals or organisations are not permitted to participate on the site.

  2. Take a look around. Browse through topics and conversations to see what our community is talking about and find issues important to you.

  3. Introduce yourself. After you feel comfortable with our site, register to join in the conversation.

  4. Stay secure. Remember that our site can be viewed by anyone registered to use the forum. To guard your privacy, follow these simple rules: do not share your address, phone number, details about your family, or anything else you would feel uncomfortable with others reading. If you post your personal email, be aware that you may receive spam e-mail from spammers who gather addresses off of the web.

  5. Read and react to posts with care. If you don’t agree or are offended by someone’s post, take a step back and think before you reply. Since we can’t talk in person with each other, we must recognize that we may be misunderstanding stories or posts. Please be sensitive to others’ feelings and ask for clarification before reacting.

  6. Search before starting new topics. To keep the platform easy to use, please use the search bar to locate topics of interest before starting a new thread. If you start a new thread, please use obvious subject headings and words that will catch the attention of others.

  7. Watch what you post. To keep this site safe for everyone, please do not post: doctors’ names, treatment facility names and treatment specifics, contact information of others without their consent, links to websites with uncertain content or advertisements, requests for fundraising, items for sale, requests for study, survey and/or questionnaire participation or provocative information.

  8. Sharing photos. Please use good taste and appropriate images when adding photos to your profile or personal stories. Photos should be in .jpg format.

  9. Safeguarding and Child Protection – for those under 18 years old. Keeping children and young people safe online is a shared responsibility. If you see anything that causes you concern, or makes you uncomfortable, please let us know by contacting us at support@bloodwise.org.uk. To find out more about how to stay safe online you can see nspcc.org.uk/onlinesafety

  10. Not following the rules? Bloodwise Moderators will routinely scan the platform and will delete posts that clearly break the rules. If you post inappropriate messages or pictures or use offensive language in a post on multiple occasions, you will be notified via email and your account will be inactivated. If informed about targeted abuse or any inappropriate private messages, Bloodwise staff will intervene and look into those messages.

  11. Report foul play. Help our Bloodwise Moderators by reporting anyone that posts inappropriate messages or pictures by clicking the ‘flag’ icon. This will send a private notification to the Bloodwise Online Community Moderators who will take appropriate action, or email support@bloodwise.org.uk.

  12. Questions or concerns? Please feel free to email us at support@bloodwise.org.uk with any questions or concerns about blood cancer, or the Bloodwise Online Community Forum. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible - we are here to support you.

  13. Terms & Conditions. By posting your story, questions, concerns and other information on the Community, you grant Bloodwise permission to publish, reproduce, record and use your stories as we see fit in any medium or forum in a manner which helps to further the Bloodwise mission. Bloodwise cannot verify every claim made by a third party contributor to our Community and is not responsible for the authenticity of information posted. Any postings on the Bloodwise Online Community site should not replace the advice of your own treatment team. Always check with your personal medical team before taking any action regarding your health.

  14. If you are feeling vulnerable or you are concerned about your emotional wellbeing, The Samaritans Support Service is available 24/7 on Tel: 116 123 or email: jo@samaritans.org

Thank you for sticking to these guidelines, and contributing to the Bloodwise Online Community being a safe and supportive space for anyone affected by blood cancer.

The Bloodwise Online Community Team