What is CAR-T therapy?

CAR-T therapy is a new type of cancer treatment that uses the immune system to kill cancer cells. In some cases it has cured people where all other treatments have failed.

But what is it? How does it work? Who is eligible to receive it? Find out here :arrow_down:

Have you received it? Is it something you may need in the future? Do you have further questions about this treatment?

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I had CAR-T therapy last year. One of the complications that appeared after my SCT for a severe Aplastic Anaemia was Lymphoma. Attempts to curb it with R-Chop Chemo knocked out my new stem cell’s progress so I was put forward for CAR-T at Hammersmith Hospital. 1.2 billion cells were transfused over a 4 week period and a few months later a PET scan showed the tumour had halved, another 3 months later it had gone. This is an amazing treatment, without, for me at least, the unpleasant side effects of Chemo.


Thanks, Dawn, this is really interesting and informative, thanks.

Hi Fozzie, great to hear from you again, it is really useful to hear from someone who has actually had CAT-T therapy, take care and anything else you can tell us about your experiences would be helpful.